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Getting Promoted? Not So Fast

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promotion fastThe first time I was promoted to a manager’s spot, I was excited. The step up meant a lot more money, a good size budget, and a nice group of direct reports.

As the months wore on, I realized I was less happy at work every day. The added responsibilities weren’t the problem. I liked managing people and administering the budget.

It was what I had lost.
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A New Buyer – The Future of Sales in the Information Age

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Tuesday, April 29th

12:00PM – 12:45PM EDT

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Every business needs a powerful sales function, but the Information Age has introduced significant changes in the way the sales function should be organized. Innovation, big data, and accelerated globalization, in particular, have had a powerful impact on the way we view consumers (B2C) and buyers (B2B).
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Building a Sustainable Career

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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.42.00 AMJim John, COO of, describes his career goals in a way that might seem a bit of a paradox. His goals are both tangible—the specific things he wants to accomplish for a company—and intangible—the relationships he builds with his team, for one.  Creating a sustainable career requires both. It means making a commitment to adding value to a company while balancing your work and all it entails with your own values.

Before joining, a career network, in 2007, Jim held C-suite roles at multinational companies including MasterCard International and Advanta Corporation, and several start-ups. He’s found that whether a company is large or small or whether you’re at the top or bottom of a hierarchy, continuing to develop skills, build relationships, and make bottom-line contributions is essential for long-term success.

Gayle Rigione, director of Ivy Exec’s mentorship program, spoke with Jim about his experiences.
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A Career Transition Action Plan

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career_transitionNo matter why someone decides to look for a career in a new field—a layoff, burnout, or simply the desire to try something new—making the change is often challenging.  I often advise people to take small steps toward their goals. One of the best ways to begin a career transition is by making changes at your current job.

Whether you know the new career path you’re looking to develop or you’re still in the exploration phase, your current position offers a whole host of opportunities to expand your skills, try things out, and develop a list of accomplishments related to the new career path. Here’s a 7-step plan to get going.
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Job Interview Attitude: Cocky or Confident?

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humilityEarly in my career, I interviewed for a role as an assistant at an elite wealth management firm. The recruiter for the position called me afterward and said there was concern regarding my confidence level. The executive I’d be working for said he felt I didn’t appear to be certain of my capabilities. Thankfully, I was given another shot and this time around, I amped it up and threw humility out the window. I got the job.

On the other end of the spectrum is one of my current clients, Tom. Though only 27-years-old, Tom has some impressive experience and a world-class education. He also has an ego a mile long and a few unrealistic expectations regarding his career opportunities. At the end of one recent interview, he told his interviewer he was in high demand and needed an offer on the table within 24 hours to even consider the position. The interviewer told him on the spot not to hold his breath. Tom is still job searching. Continue reading

5 Questions That Reveal Company Culture

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Five tipsJob seekers know they should find a company that’s the right cultural fit. A company, that is, that’s a good match for their own motivations, values, attitudes, desires, skills and goals.

Much easier said then done. During a job interview, asking about a company’s mission will elicit responses that generally range from blank stares to a rambling collection of clichés. We work hard and play hard. We’re committed to excellence. We’re driven to provide outstanding service to our customers.

And so on.

You’re not going to learn much going that route. A better strategy:  Figure out which aspects of workplace culture are most important to you, and then ask targeted interview questions designed to reveal those aspects.
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Job Hopping is Cool, Right?

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job hopperJob hopping is now considered acceptable, even cool, by some workers. But that perception isn’t reality. For most recruiters, it’s still a career killer.

According to a recent study by the recruitment-software company Bullhorn, nearly 40 percent of recruiters say the single biggest obstacle for a candidate is having a history of job hopping– leaving a company before one year of tenure.

Over the past few years, job hopping has gotten a more positive reputation. People who go from job to job have been rebranded as free agents. Proponents of job hopping, especially Millennials, have spun it into a positive:  You’ll get a broad range of experience! You’ll know more people! You’ll make more money!
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