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Resume Black Holes: How To Stay Out

Download Why is Your Resume Not Getting You Noticed

One of the most common complaints from job seekers is that they feel as if they are sending their resume into a “black hole”. While you can’t ensure that every resume you send will get a response, you can improve your odds. Join Brad Attig as he shows you actual resumes and where they fail in catching a recruiters eye.

Brad Attig has 12 years of talent acquisition experience including 4 years working with high level executives crafting personal job search strategies and 8 years of recruiting for a top boutique retail recruitment firm. Brad’s expertise includes personal branding, social media strategy, and locating top passive talent. Prior, Brad held key merchandising positions with top retailers including Macy’s and Target.

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  • Annette Buckun

    Will you please send me copies of the resume examples (both good and bad)? I can’t see the color on the excellent resume example. Thank you!

  • Sumit Dhingra

    Good informative session capturing detailed & hidden insights, appreciable effort and excellent business initiative.

  • Khadija

    Great wbecast , it answered many of my questions , I will update my resume according to what I learnt today , hopfully it will work this time :)

  • Premjith

    I cannot view the video. Is it possible to email me a sample of good resume?

  • Natalie

    I am unable to view the video on my Mac through Safari browser – does the video have browser limitations and is it compatible with a Mac?


    Natalie Cann

  • Basel Alshawa

    Examples of resumes samples would be great…can you send them to my email please?


  • Jaouad

    The file cannot be downloaded here.
    Where can I find it please?