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Getting Promoted? Not So Fast

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Being promoted to manager for the first time is a big step. Make sure you are really ready. Continue reading

A New Buyer – The Future of Sales in the Information Age

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Tuesday, April 29th
12:00PM – 12:45PM EDT
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Every business needs a powerful sales function, but the Information Age has introduced significant changes in the way the sales function should be organized. Innovation, big data, and accelerated globalization, in particular, have had a powerful impact on the way we view consumers (B2C) and buyers (B2B).

Building a Sustainable Career

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Looking for the key to career longevity? Jim John discovered that it’s all about adaptation. Continue reading

A Career Transition Action Plan

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One of the best ways to begin a career transition is by making changes at your current job. Here’s a 7-step plan. Continue reading

Job Interview Attitude: Cocky or Confident?

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To get hired, you have to come across as confident and likable–but never cocky. Here are 8 tips to strike the right balance during job interviews. Continue reading

5 Questions That Reveal Company Culture

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Evaluating a corporate culture isn’t easy. Asking targeted–and unexpected–interview questions can help job seekers decide if they’re a cultural fit. Continue reading

Job Hopping is Cool, Right?

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Job hopping is now considered acceptable, even cool, by some workers. But that perception isn’t reality. For most recruiters, it’s still a career killer. Continue reading